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Where is the Full Text?

Click on   to link to any full text articles the library owns.

No Full Text?

If the article you need is not online, you can request the article using Interlibrary Loan

To request an article, first create an Interlibrary Loan account. Then login and complete the request form. 

The PDF of the article will be sent to your ILL account. ILL is fast and free!



Best Databases for Nursing

Best Databases for Medicine

Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

Other Databases for Medicine

What about Google Scholar?

Google Scholar ( is a database of scholarly articles and is an excellent resource.

(If you're looking for nursing articles, the best place to start is Cinahl since it contains all nursing journals.)

If you use Google Scholar, be sure and set the Scholar Preferences so that articles link to the full text the UCF Library buys for you.

Click on Scholar Preferences, then in the Library Links box, type in University of Central Florida Libraries, and select.

Save your preferences.

The Get Full Text @ UCF link will now be added to the results in Google Scholar.