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Citation Management

Citation Management Overview

Citation management tools allow you to collect, organize, and format citations for projects and insert citations and bibliographies within papers. Some commonly used citation tools include EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero. UCF Libraries provide support for faculty, students, and staff interested in using these tools. For questions or to request a citation management workshop, contact Corinne Bishop, UCF Graduate Engagement Librarian

Comparison of Citation Tools

Features EndNote (effective 2/28/23)  Mendeley Zotero

Web of Science library subscription or free EndNote Basic account @ 

For details, see UCF Libraries 
EndNote guide  

Free account@ 

Includes web & desktop
w/Chrome or Firefox

Free account @ 

Includes web & desktop (Windows/MAC/Linux)
w/Chrome or Firefox browsers  

Cloud Storage 2 GB 2 GB personal/100 MB group 300 MB personal/group  
Citation Styles Common Styles Common Styles Common Styles

Word, (Windows) w/Internet Explorer Word (Windows & MAC) w/Firefox

Word (Windows/MAC),
Libre Office  
Word (Windows/MAC)
Google Docs, LibreOffice w/Chrome or Firefox
Groups Share a group w/ up to 1,000
EndNote online users 
Free account users can create/own
5 private groups. No limit on number of private groups free users can join. Each private group (free account
can only have a max 25 members
Private or public groups w/unlimited Zotero users, but personal storage is used for group libraries 

& Browser

Citations & PDFs when available Citations & PDFs when available Citations & PDFs when available

(Chart includes some information provided by University of Florida Libraries & University of Pittsburg Libraries citation management guides.)