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ENC 4353 - Writing for Social Change (Pompos)


Researching news and newspapers can be tricky because online content is often spotty and sometimes stuck behind paywalls. This module will focus on resources that you can access without a subscription through our databases as well as some Open Access content. Key resources covered will be Nexis Uni, The New York Times Historical, the Los Angeles Times, and our extensive news and newspaper resource guide.

Let’s begin with the database dis cussed above: Nexis Uni.

Nexis Uni

In addition to being a great resources for court cases, Nexis Uni also provides access to a wealth of news sources including newspapers, transcripts, news wire and press releases, magazines, journals, blogs, videos, and more. For example, using the same search we used for cases, the database returns 932 news items related to Snyder v. Phelps. Open the "publication type" tab in the sidebar to reveal the diversity of news sources: 

If you're just interested in newspaper articles, or another type of publication, click that link to limit your results to those, then click "sources" in the sidebar to see which newspapers the articles are from. The results will include both national as well as state and local newspapers:

As always with Nexis Uni, content is 100% full text and articles include a citation template as well as options to download, save to One Drive, email, or save in Google Docs.

New York Times Historical

Los Angeles Times

News & Newspaper Resource Guide

As mentioned above, searching for news and newspaper sources can be tricky because online content and access varies from paper to paper. For this reason, we've created an extensive resource guide that you can use as a starting point. Coverage ranges from national to state, local, and international papers in a variety of languages. We've included date ranges and links both to Open Access content as well as coverage in our subject databases.