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CJE6120 - Personnel Management in Criminal Justice Organizations

Research Tips

So you have been given a research assignment by your professor... and now what?  If you have found your way here, then half the battle is won already!  I am going to offer some research tips that should help you identify some good search terms to use when looking for journal articles. 

The focus of this course is Professionalism in Criminal Organizations.  What are some words that best describe the content of this course?  Below is a list of terms I would suggest, but feel free to add your own!  You can use these terms when searching - just copy and paste from the list below:

  • criminal justice system or prison system or law enforcement or correctional
  • police department or law enforcement 
  • law enforcement or police or cops or officers 
  • self assessment or self evaluation or self reflection
  • administrative management theory or administrative management concept
  • leadership styles or leadership qualities or leadership behaviors or management style
  • personnel or staff or employee 
  • personnel management or human resource management
  • team building or teambuilding or group dynamics
  • coaching or mentoring or supervising
  • succession planning or leadership development
  • generations in the workplace
  • organizational culture or organisational culture or corporate culture or company culture or work culture
  • employment law or labor law
  • interpersonal skills or social skills or social competence
  • conflict resolution or conflict management
  • internal affairs 

The next tab - Databases - Find Journals will be your next stop, where you can find databases to use to search for journal articles.  Don't forget to use the filters - like "peer reviewed" or "scholarly journals."  The databases will also generate APA citations for you!