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Artstor User Guide

Presenting with Artstor: An Overview

Presenting with Artstor

ThArtstor Digital Library has a number of tools that will help you create presentations for classes and conferences.

The best way to use Artstor images in presentations is to register for a user account, save your images into an image group, and then download them to PowerPoint. The resulting PowerPoint file will have one image per slide, with the image metadata in the notes field. If you click an image on a slide while in presentation mode, it will open it in the image viewer in Artstor Digital Library so you can zoom in on details.


Creating PowerPoint Presentations in Artstor

Downloading images from Artstor Digital Library directly into PowerPoint is easy! Here's how:

  1. Register for an account: visit In the upper right hand corner click "register" and enter your information. You are now a registered user and can now download images and save them into groups for future reference. 
  2. Save images into an image group: search for the images you need. When you find one, right click it and select "Save selected images to" > "New image group." A new window will open. Enter a name for your image group and click save. You can continue adding images to this group, or create new ones for other projects.
  3. Open your image group: once you have found all the images you need for your project, go to "Organize" > "Open image group" in the top navigation menu to view the images you have assembled. Tip! Drag and drop your images into the order you want, then click the disk icon to save your changes.
  4. Download your image group to PowerPoint: With your image group open, navigate to the menu in the upper right corner under the search box. Click the projector screen icon to download your image group as a .ppt file.
  5. When your file downloads, there will be one image per slide in the order you created in your image group, and the image metadata will be located in the notes field. When you have the .ppt open in presenter mode, you can click on an image to open it in the Artstor Digital Library image viewer and zoom to view details.