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Speak Your Truth: A Queer History of UCF

Speak Your Truth: LGBTQIA at UCF

Speak Your Truth: A Queer History of UCF is an archival project exploring the history of the queer experience at the University of Central Florida.

In your own words, and in your preferred format, we want to know what you have experienced as a member of the queer community at UCF. Your experience may have been (or still be) good, bad, ugly, or somewhere in between. The important thing is it is your experience in your own words/images.

Your submission can be in a variety of formats and styles. For text based works such as poems and stories, please submit them as a .pdf. Spoken word and other video performances can be submitted as .mov, .avi, and .mp3, as well as links to videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Please include closed captioning or a .pdf of any video or audio files to allow for greater accessibility of the work. Images may be submitted as .png or .jpg files.

Submission are open to all UCF faculty, staff, and students.

We request that explicit sexual content not be included.


Submit your story on STARS here


Select submissions may be featured during University of Central Florida Speak Your Truth, LGBTA+ Pride Month, and LGBTQ+ History Month events.

UCF Libraries has partnered with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and LGBTQ+ Services for this project.


If you have any questions about the Speak Your Truth project, please email