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There are countless sources for biographical information. In addition to the sources cited below, also check the sources listed under "Definitions and Summaries."

These pages are part of an on-going project by students in mathematics classes at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, to illustrate the numerous achievements of women in the field of mathematics. There are biographical essays or comments on most of the women mathematicians and some photos.
Biography Resource Center
Contains biographical information on over one million individuals from all time periods, geographical locations, and fields of endeavor. The "Biographical Facts Search" allows searching for people based on one or more personal facts, such as occupation.
A Century of Mathematics in America
General Collection QA 27 .U5 C46
A series of articles on the different aspects of American mathematical history over the past century.
Creators of Mathematics:Tthe Irish Connection
General Collectio QA28.C74 2000 
A collection of biographical essays for anyone who wishes to learn more about the history of mathematics and science in Ireland.  
Fascinating mathematical people : interviews and memoirs
General Collection QA28.F37 2011
A collection of informal interviews and memoirs of sixteen prominent members of the mathematical community of the twentieth century, many still active.
History of Greek Mathematics
General Collection QA 22 .H4
An excellent reference for looking up Greek mathematicians. Even the most obscure mathematicians are covered in good detail along with what they proved, as well as how they proved it.
A History of Mathematics in America Before 1900
General Collection QA 27.U5 S6 1980
Organized historically, covering the uses of mathematics, the development of mathematics instruction and research, and discussion of the important names in mathematics in America from the earliest settlement to the year 1900. The book is divided into four chapters, each chapter dealing with a particular time period in chronological order.
Leading Personalities in Statistical Sciences: From the 17th Century to the Present
General Collection QA 276.156 .L43 1997
Spanning almost four centuries, chronicles the lives and achievements of more than 110 of the most prominent names in theoretical and applied statistics, and in probability.
The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
An integrated collection of over 1,000 biographies and historical articles of a mathematical nature, alongside interactive birthplace maps and the famous curve applet.
Mathematical lives : protagonists of the twentieth century from Hilbert to Wiles
This volume brings to the forefront some of the proponents of the mathematics of the twentieth century, who have put at our disposal new and powerful instruments for investigating the reality around us.
Notable Mathematicians: From Ancient Times to the Present
Reference QA 28 .N66 1998
A comprehensive source of biographical information on mathematicians throughout recorded history.
Notable Women in Mathematics: A Biographical Dictionary
Reference QA 28 .N68 1998
Substantive biographical essays on women from around the world, from antiquity to the present, who have made significant contributions to mathematics. Although the collection includes historical women, the emphasis is on contemporary mathematicians. Each profile describes major life events, obstacles faced and overcome, educational and career milestones (including a discussion of mathematical research in non- technical terms), and outside interests.
Remarkable Mathematicians: From Euler to von Neumann
General Collection QA 28 .J36 2002
Profiles 60 important mathematicians whose combined stories represent an outline of the way in which mathematics developed from 1700 to 1910. The biographies are arranged chronologically and emphasize the life stories of the characters rather than the details of their achievements.
Russian Mathematicians in the 20th Century
General Collection QA 28 .R87
Presents the main achievements of Russian mathematicians in the 20th century. The book presents differences in mathematical styles and focuses on Soviet mathematicians who often discussed "what to do" rather than "how to do it”.
Statisticians of the Centuries
General Collection QA 276 .156 .S73 2001
A collection of biographies of statisticians that have contributed to the field, from the sixteenth through the twentieth centuries.
Women of Mathematics: A Biobibliographic Sourcebook
Reference QA 28 .W66 1987
Contains a biography, a summary of achievements, and a bibliography of works by and about the mathematician.