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Government Resources: Locating Government Documents

Locating Government Documents

Location of the Florida and U.S. Documents Collections

The principal collections for Florida Documents and U.S. Documents are on the 1st floor, down one level from the entrance level (2nd floor). From the Student Union entrance, take the yellow stairs or elevators down to the 1st floor.

A computer is available on the 1st floor for accessing older CD-ROMs from the U.S. Government. Exiting the yellow stairwell, go across the room -- the computer is against the left wall near the women's restroom, behind the microform cabinets.

Some documents may be in one of the microfiche collections or shelved on another floor in the General Collection of the UCF Library, so please ask at the Research & Information Desk for help in locating specific documents.

Microfiche/microfilm scanners are available on the 2nd floor near the public printers. Ask at the LibTech Desk for assistance using the machines.

Catalogs and Indexes of Government Information

Many older documents that are available at the UCF Libraries are not yet listed in the online UCF library catalog, but you might be able to identify the appropriate call number for the UCF Libraries' collection through another library's catalog. The UCF Library maintains a piece-level shelflist identifying the complete holdings of all depository items. A retrospective cataloging project is currently underway to inventory all older documents and fully describe the library's holdings in the online catalog.

Federal Documents:

Location of the Patents & Trademark Library

A computer for searching is located near the Research & Information Desk on the entrance floor. The Patents & Trademark Library has moved to the 1st floor which is down one level from the entrance level (2nd floor). Go past the Research & Information Desk on the entrance floor and straight back to the rear of the building. Take the stairs down to the 1st floor. Elevators are located in the middle of the building near the Research & Information Desk (Map).