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Florida Maps

Exploring Florida Maps "contains approximately 6,000 historic and contemporary Florida maps that support all subject areas in the K-12 classroom."

Florida Map Collection

Florida Historical Map Collection  

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Florida

Library Subscriptions

Collin's World Atlas Gazetteer features 90,000 locations.

Philip's World Factbook "contains articles and maps for all the countries of the world, arranged in alphabetical order."

Maps on File [Reference G1021.M33] provides black & white maps designed for photocopy reproduction.

  • Volume I provides maps for all regions, continents and countries of the world. 
  • Volume II provides maps for U.S. states and subject maps for the world, including demographics (population, human development index, population growth rate, life expectancy), natural resources and energy resources (deforestation, protected natural areas), politics, economics and the military (international organizations, GDP per capita, annual economic growth, inflation, food production per capita), education and social issues (literacy, primary school enrollment rates, secondary school enrollment rates), U.S. statistics, and Canadian statistics.

Historical Maps on File [Reference G1030.M37] provides black & white maps designed for photocopy reproduction.  Coverage includes ancient civilizations, Europe (from the Fall of the Roman Empire to 1500), Europe (from 1500 to 1815), Europe (from 1815 to the present), United States, Western Hemisphere, Africa and the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.