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Anthropology & Archaeology

Key Journals

The following journals are devoted exclusively to Anthropology and Archaeology. The links will often take you to a Primo record that shows multiple online options.  This is because of differences in date ranges covered.  For instance, a publishers website may have the most recent issues, but won't go back further than when our online subscription began.  For the oldest issues, you could use an archival database like JSTOR; it will have holdings back to volume 1 issue 1, but may have a 6 year embargo on new content.  Read the details under "Full text availability."

Please note, many journals not listed here may contain articles about these subjects; thus, the need to consult a periodical database or index. Current issues of periodicals the library receives in paper are arranged alphabetically by title on the third floor; print back issues are bound and are available for request from the ARC, while microform back issues are arranged by call number on the third floor.

About Peer-Reviewed Articles

READ FIRST: The following video tutorials employ screenshots that show a "Journals List" button below the Primo search box.  The homepage has since changed, so "Journals List" is now simply called "Journals" and is located in a tab to the right of Primo Search.