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Salaries & Wages

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Occupational wages in Florida

Florida Research & Economic Database (FRED) provides occupational employment and wage estimates by industry based on an annual survey of employers. Wages are available from recent years for about 750 occupations and 400 nonfarm industries for the United States, Florida, Counties, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, Occupational Employment Statistical Regions, and Workforce Development Regions. Wages can be displayed as hourly, weekly, monthly or annual.

Wage Determinations OnLine provides access to Davis-Bacon Act and Service Contract Act wage determinations. The Davis-Bacon Act database identifies prevailing wage rates for construction-related occupations in most counties in the United States. All Federal Government construction contracts and most contracts for federally assisted construction over $2,000 must contain Davis-Bacon wage determinations. The Service Contract Act Database contains unsigned copies of the latest wage determinations setting the minimum wage on federally funded service contracts for most other occupations, e.g., accounting clerk, court reporter, messenger, secretary, test proctor, computer programmer, baker, dishwasher, waiter/waitress, furniture refinisher, janitor, registered nurse, dry cleaner, shipping packer, aircraft mechanic, locksmith, child care attendant, sewage plant operator, firefighter, stevedore, graphic artist, paralegal, unexploded ordnance technician, shuttle bus driver, parking lot attendant, carnival equipment operator, embalmer, lifeguard, etc.

State Employee Salaries & Wages

Broadband Classification & Compensation Program (Florida Dept of Management Services) -- "Broadbanding is a classification system that replaced the old state classification system by collapsing numerous classes with similar duties into broad occupational categories. Along with the broad categories, broad pay ranges were also created within this system. In essence, the Broadband system is a method of grouping like duties and pay while providing a high degree of flexibility to agencies in order to meet the needs and demands of the state workforce."

  • Classification Plan -- "Contains the class specifications for the Career Service and Selected Exempt Service classification systems."
  • Pay Plan - Class Designations -- "Contains the Schedule of Salary Ranges for classes in the Career Service, Selected Exempt Service and Senior Management Service systems."

K-12 Education Salaries

Florida Teacher Salaries -- "Teacher salaries are established by individual schools and school districts. Salary increases are based upon degree level and years of experience. For information concerning step increases, contact the local school or school district."

  • Teacher Salaries -- Teacher Salary, Experience, and Degree Level
  • District Staff Salaries (superintents, principals & other administrators, school board members, nurses, secretaries, clerks, bus drivers, food service workers, custodians, etc.)