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Contemporary Issues: Statistics

Basic Statistical Sources

Your argument may need statistics for emphasis and to help make your case. The following sources are good starting points.
Florida Statistical Abstract
Main Library Ready Reference HA 311 .F55
Provides a comprehensive collection of statistics on social, political, and economic data of the state.
IIS: Index to International Statistics
Main Library U.S. Documents Reference HA 155 .I5
Indexes and abstracts English language statistical publications of the world's major intergovernmental organizations, such as the United Nations, the European Union, and the Organization of American States. Indexed by subject, name, geographic area, category (age, commodity, country, company, industry, sex), issuing source, title, and publication number. Accompanied by the IIS Microfiche Library (available in Main Library Reference), which includes approximately 90 percent all source data indexed.
An online database that provides over 30,000 statistical tables on various United States and international statistics. Includes social, political, and economic data.
SRI: Statistical Reference Index
Main Library U.S. Documents Reference HA 155 .S72
Indexes and abstracts national and state data from sources other than those of the U.S. federal government. Includes statistics on business, industry,finance, socio-economic conditions, government and politics, the environment, and population. Abstracts are grouped by information source (e.g., business organizations, commercial publishers, state governments). Indexed by subject and name; geographic, economic, and demographic categories; issuing source; and title. Accompanied by the SRI Microfiche Library (available in Main Library Reference), which includes virtually all source data indexed.
Statistical Abstract of the United States
Main Library Ready Reference HA 202
The first place to check for statistics on the United States. Updated annually, it lists social, political, economic, and demographic data.
Statistics Sources
Main Library Ready Reference HA 36 .S84
Subtitle: "A Subject Guide to Data on industrial, Business, Social, Educational, Financial, and Other Topics for the United States and Internationally." Arranged by alphabetic subject list; sources of statistical information are arranged alphabetically by issuing organization within each subject category. Two appendixes: "Source Publications" and "Sources of Nonpublished Statistical Data."

Additional Statistical Information

For further statistical information, consult the UCF Libraries Research Guide, "Statistitics, Demographics and Census."