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Center for Research Libraries: Digital Collections

Collections to which UCF does not currently subscribe

American Periodicals from CRL (ProQuest)

World Newspaper Archive (Readex)

  • African Newspapers (1800-1922)
  • Latin American Newspapers (1805-1922)

Digital Collections available from CRL

Search the CRL Online Catalog

"Materials digitized and hosted on CRL servers can be found by using CRL’s online catalog and following the links from records to the files."

"CRL digital files may be downloaded for personal, educational, and research use of students and scholars. Some online resources are restricted to CRL libraries’ IP access only, because of copyright restrictions on the source material."

CRL Digital Collections:

Brazilian Government Documents (1821-1993)

  • Provincial Presidential Reports (1830-1930)
  • Presidential Messages (1889-1993)
  • Almanak Laemmert (1844-1889)
  • Ministerial Reports (1821-1960)

Chinese Pamphlets: Political Communication & Mass Education (1947-1954)

Digital Library for International Research (DLIR)

  • DLIR Union Catalog
  • Local Archives and Libraries at Overseas Research Centers
  • Cooperative Digitization of International Research Materials
  • African Language Materials Archive (ALMA)
  • Photo Archives of the Center for Art and Archaeology at AIIS
  • Mapping Mediterranean Lands (MEDMAPS)
  • Middle Eastern Research Journals (MERJ)
  • Digitalized Legal Texts of Outer Mongolia and the People's Republic of Mongolia
  • Catalog of the Center for Archaeological and Environmental Research
  • Khmer Language Books from the National Library of Cambodia
  • Furniture and Decorative Arts of Sri Lanka

Digital South Asia Library (DSAL)

  • Reference Resources
  • Images
  • Maps
  • Statistics
  • Bibliographies and Union Lists
  • Indexes
  • Books and Journals
  • Other Internet Resources

Dziennik Zwiazkowy - Chicago's largest and oldest Polish-language newspaper (1908-1917)

Pamphlets and Periodicals of the French Revolution of 1848

Slavery and Manumission Manuscripts of Timbuktu