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QR codes at the UCF Libraries: QR Code Generators

Much of the info in this guide is by Memo Cordova at Boise State University, who has allowed us to share it with the UCF community. Thank you, Memo !

Creating QR Codes

Creating a QR code is relatively easy, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind to make the best image possible:

  • Make the code easy to scan: the bigger the code, the easier it is for the scanner in your phone to "read" the image. The smallest size recommended is 1" x 1"
  • Leave some white space around the code, at least 1/8" for the scanner application to visually cue in to the code.
  • Keep links or linked information short--use or The shorter the link or message you embed in the code, the better the resolution and link length, and the less crowded the code will look.
  • Avoid QR code generators that re-direct the scanned link to their own product pages. The code generators below do not redirect links.
  • QR codes enable content to be accessed via a mobile device, so make the end destination a mobile-friendly page. &

  • Both and can generate a QR code (and provide analytics) for any link you create. For, go here. For, gohere.

Create codes via websites:

Create codes via a desktop application: