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Welcome to the UCF College of Nursing Technology Boot Camp!

My name is Andy Todd, the librarian who works with the College of Nursing.

This goal of this guide is to help you learn to use the UCF Library efficiently and effectively.



Getting Help!

While this guide is always available, you may need more individual help. 

If you'd like to meet in person or over the phone, just call or email to set up an appointment. You can always email anytime and ask questions.  

My office numbers are 407-823-2160 (Orlando, UT Rm. 457) and 321-433-7878 (Cocoa, EFSC/UCF Joint-Use Library) and  my email is I'm here to help! 

You can also use the Ask a Librarian service, and phone, email, or chat any time with a librarian.


UCF Librarian At Your Service