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Research Guide UCF Daytona: Photography

Photography Research Guide

Additional Online Resources

Online photography resources:

Evaluating Websites

There are six things to consider before using a website as a resource for a research assignment.  They are:

  • Relevancy: What is the purpose of this site? Does the site provide original content, or it it a bibliography, index or collection of links?
  • Authority:  Who is taking responsibility for authoring the site?  Is there a name, or a group of names of those individuals responsible for the information?  In addition to a name, do they list their educational credentials and/or professional experience?
  • Objectivity: Who does the author work for? Does the author use an impartial tone?  Is there a commercial interest associated with this site, i.e., are they selling you something? Are misleading or deceptive arguments used?
  • Currency:  How timely/current is the information?  Can you tell if/when the site was last updated?
  • Accuracy:  Is the information complete, and can you verify it elsewhere?
  • Coverage: How completely is the information presented?  Does it represent a broad or even a global perspective?

New & Noteworthy Books: Photography

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