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Manipulatives in the Curriculum Materials Center

Manipulatives help students by engaging them visually and reinforcing concepts for all ages.

Anatomy Models in Collection

These models are on Reserve in the CMC and must be used in the CMC.  

 Anatomy of the Neck



Half Head


               Human Eye


   Heart Model- Large


 Heart Model



   Larynx Enlarged



Lower Limb- Bones with Muscles


   Middle Ear


  Muscled Arm








   Torso Bones with Muscles


 The Human Brain


Upper Limb With Muscles 



Human Skeleton with Muscle Paintings


Artificial Human Skeleton


This item can be taken out of the CMC.

The Human Skeleton



3D Human Body Charts 


      3 - Dimensional Depiction of

      Major Organs Human Body


8 full color chart of Systems

 of Human Body


               The Muscular System