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PHH 3701 - Native American Philosophy

Basic Reference Sources

An online collection of reference works, sources intended to provide quick facts facts, definitions, dates, or details on a topic. Offers the capability to search for discrete topics that are covered by multiple sources. A good starting point for students seeking background on a topic.
The Encyclopedia of Native American Religions: An Introduction
Covers many Native ceremonies and rituals, sacred sites, and practitioners. Cosmologies, stories of deities, chants, etc. are not included.
Encyclopedia of North American Indians
Main Library Reference E 76.2 .E53 1996
Contains signed entries by 260 authors and numerous unsigned entries by about two dozen other authors. There are four types of entries. First, there are descriptions of 100 tribes. These entries are supplemented with "regional entries" that discuss smaller native communities. There are five entries on the major languages (Lakota, Navajo, Cherokee, Cree, Ojibwa) and four on the major language groups (Algonquian, Iroquoian, Pueblo, and Salishan). Secondly, there are biographies of 100 prominent deceased Native Americans. The biographees are political figures, athletes, artists, and scholars. Next, there are 100 interpretive articles on topics such as beadwork, dreams, and treaties. Finally, brief entries provide definitions of topics such as peyote and cradle boards.
Encyclopedia of the American Indian Movement
Provides entries on key figures, occupations, protests, and landmark court decisions related to the American Indian Movement. There are also entries on American Indian Movement chapters, publications, and documents, as well as mainstream politicians and major issues such as fishing rights. Each entry also offers a list of further reading. Also includes a chronology.
Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Main Library Reference B 51 .R68 1998
A ten-volume set that is an excellent starting point for comprehensive, interdisciplinary coverage of philosophical topics and philosophers. Volume six contains a lengthy entry on Native American philosophy, along with an extensive bibliography. Volume 10 is the index to the set.