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RT 87-120 - Special topics in nursing. Specialties in nursing

Call Number Subject
RT 87.A-Z Special topics in basic nursing care, A-Z
RT 89-108 Specialties in nursing
- RT 120.A-Z - Other special types of nursing, A-Z

RT 87.A-Z - Special topics in basic nursing care, A-Z

Call Number Subject
RT 87.N87 Nutritional care. Feeding patients
RT 87.P35 Pain
RT 87.S24 Safety measures
RT 87.S49 Sex. Sexuality
see also RC556+ Sexual problems
RT 87.T45 Terminal care
RT 87.T72 Transferring & moving patients

RT 89-108 - Specialties in nursing

Call Number Subject
RT 89-89.3 Administration
- RT 89 - General works
- RT 89.3 - Personnel management
RT 90-90.3 Teaching
including nursing education & patient education
- RT 90 - General works
- RT 90.3 - Health promotion. Health education
RT 90.5 Team nursing
RT 90.7 Primary nursing
  Pediatric nursing see RJ245+
  Geriatric nursing see RC954
  Cancer nursing see RC266
  Cardiovascular disease nursing see RC674
  Eye, ear, nose & throat nursing see RE88; RF52.5
  Respiratory disease nursing see RC735.5
  Dermatological nursing see RL125
  Gynecological nursing see RG105
  Maternity nursing see RG951
  Neurological nursing see RC350.5
  Obstetrical nursing see RG951
  Psychiatric nursing see RC440
  School nursing see RJ247
  Surgical nursing see RD99+
  Orthopedic nursing see RD753
RT 95 Communicable disease nursing
  Home nursing see RT61; RT120.H65
RT 97 Public health nursing
see also RJ247 School nursing
RT 98 Community health nursing
including nursing in voluntary health agencies, visiting nurse associations
see also RT120.H65 Home nursing
  Industrial nursing see RC966
  Aviation nursing see RC1097
RT 102 Institutional nursing
RT 108 Red Cross nursing
including peacetime & disaster nursing
RT 116-118 Government nursing services -- United States
Army nurses & nursing see UH490+
Public health nursing see RT97
Other regions or countries see RT6.A+

RT 120.A-Z - Other special types of nursing, A-Z

Call Number Subject
RT 120.C45 Chronic diseases
RT 120.E4 Emergency nursing
RT 120.F34 Family nursing
  Forensic nursing see RA1155
RT 120.H65 Home nursing
see also RT61 Popular works
RT 120.I5 Intensive care nursing
RT 120.L64 Long-term facilities
including nursing homes
RT 120.O9 Outpatient facilities
RT 120.P37 Parish nursing
RT 120.R4 Rehabilitation
RT 120.R87 Rural nursing