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Dewey Decimal Classification System

includes tips using geography

A short version of a story to help remember the ten main Dewey groups

Who am I? - 100's Philosophy & Pyschology

Where did I come from? - 200's Religion

Who are all these other people? - 300's Social Sciences

How do I communicate with them? - 400's Language

What is all this stuff around me? - 500's Natural Sciences

What do I do with all this stuff to make my life easier? - 600's Applied Sciences & Technology

Now that my life is easier, I think I'll paint, relax and enjoy life. - 700's Arts & Recreation

While we're relaxing, let me tell you a story. - 800's Literature

Now let me tell you a "true" story about what I've done and where I've been. - 900's History & Geography

What do I do with all the leftover stuff that didn't fit elsewhere? - 000's General Works

Another version of the story