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Legislative Histories -- Florida

OPPAGA - Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability

OPPAGA Reports

  • Policy Analysis and Performance Reviews -- OPPAGA conducts policy research on the performance of state programs and provides information and recommendations to the Legislature.
  • List of Legislative Recommendations -- Yearly, OPPAGA produces a list of recommendations and a summary of recommendations with fiscal impact.
  • Privatization -- Reports that address privatization as a major focus of the study, or that suggest privatization as a policy option.
  • Sunset Reviews -- OPPAGA reports that assessed state programs to support the Sunset Review process, which was established by the 2006 Government Accountability Act and eliminated from statute in 2011.
  • Performance-Based Program Budgeting (PB²) -- OPPAGA reports that assessed state programs operating under PB² and the status of PB² in Florida.

PolicyNotes is a free electronic newsletter highlighting OPPAGA publications and other reports from the Legislature, state and federal government reports, think tank research, website resources, and other sources for policy research and program evaluation. OPPAGA provides this weekly publication as an information service to bring attention to issues of interest to Florida policy makers.

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