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LibGuide Accessibility

Using Accessibility Tools

There are many accessibility testing tools available, and we recommend using either WAVE or Lighthouse. Which one you use is a matter of preference.

Tips to remember:

  1. You must be in the public view or guide preview of the LibGuide to take advantage of the accessibility tools. 
  2. LibGuides automatically use the Heading 1 format for the page title and Heading 2 format for box titles.



To install WAVE, visit the WAVE webpage and choose the browser extension you would like to use. After installation, the extension will appear to the right of your browser address bar.




Click on the WAVE icon to the right of your browser address bar. You will see this WAVE interface.

(Screenshot of WAVE interface)

Click the icon again or refresh the page to remove the WAVE interface.



Lighthouse is a Chrome browser extension that runs audits for accessibility and other performance-related tasks. 

To install Lighthouse, visit the Lighthouse webpage using Google Chrome and click on Install Extension

Click on the Lighthouse icon in your toolbar, and select Generate Report. Once the report is generated, select the Accessibility tab to see the test results. 


test result of 100% for accessibility

Color Checker