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ALA MAGIRT/GODORT Pre-Conference, June 23, 2016: Home

NOTE: The Pre-Conference is taking place on the UCF Main Campus, not the Rosen Campus near the Convention Center

Pre-Conference Program

Program Description:  Visualization is an increasingly powerful means of exploring and communicating data, especially in the areas of government documents and geospatial information. While not every specialist in these areas can undertake extensive training in visualization, even learning basic data cleaning and visualization techniques can greatly enhance library services in these areas. This pre-conference program will lead participants through a series of hands-on exercises designed to help them learn both data cleaning techniques and data visualization principles. First, a short introduction to visualization as it relates to government documents and geospatial information will prepare participants for the hands-on portions of the program. Next, participants will learn best practices and recommendations for confronting the complexities of government data. Participants will also learn to work with freely available GIS and visualization tools to transform the data and communicate results. Next, participants will go through a visualization exercise during which the instructors will share technical information about visualization software and design tips that will carry across different projects. The hands-on period will be followed by open work time, during which participants will have the chance to explore and interact with the data and software, as well as ask questions of the instructors. After the open work time, a feedback session will allow participants to share their work with the group and practice giving and receiving feedback on their visualization choices. Finally, the program will conclude with an open discussion of the development of scalable library visualization services targeted to government documents and geospatial information. The program will include a catered lunch and time to consult with the presenters on individual projects. The start and end time for this event include travel from the conference to the University of Central Florida Library; a shuttle will be provided. Additional information will be available soon at the program website: