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Getting the Most out of UCF Libraries: Online Resources

We'd LOVE for you to visit the library - but when that's not convenient - or even feasible - here's how to manage library research assignments from wherever you are!


Welcome to UCF Online Library Resources!  Whether you're taking all F2F classes or a mix of F2F and online, or if all of your classes are online - here's information to help you get the most out of our many resources to support your research assignments. 

This is a Research Guide.  It has been developed to assist you in navigating the vast online resources of UCF Libraries. There are plenty of online UCF Research Guides which are subject-specific or even course-specific.  More about those later.

Although you may never visit the brick-and-mortar John C. Hitt Library on the Orlando campus, or any of the other UCF partner library buildings where we - UCF Librarians - hang our hats - your research needs are very well supported through full-text e-books, access to hundreds of online databases connecting you with full-text academic journal articles as well as newspaper and magazine articles and videos, and yes, more of these Research Guides  to help you navigate through the many resources to support your particular research need.  With this much information available to you 24/7, you might find a guide helpful.  So, think of Research Guides as your online library GPS - but they won't keep insisting you turn left right now.

So begin by taking a look through this 'getting started' Research Guide - and always feel warmly welcome to reach out to any UCF Librarian for individual research help, either through Webcourses, through the university's 'Ask-a-Librarian' service via chat or phone,  or to any of our individual email address.

We're here to assist you in connecting with the library resources you need to succeed - whether you're around the corner, or around the globe.  


UCF Libraries Online Tour

Here's a 'virtual tour' of our many library resources.  Please keep your hands and feet inside until the tour comes to a full and complete stop!

Getting Started: How to Log-In

Access to databases and e-books is limited to currently enrolled students and faculty.  To access this content, you'll need your Network ID (NID for short) and a password.  Here's what the log-in looks like:

You will be prompted by e-mail to periodically to update your password.  Be sure to do that before your password expires.

If you have access difficulties, please phone: 407-823-2580