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Readings on Race

At UCF, we celebrate a culture of inclusive excellence. Diversity makes us smarter — and better. We are made stronger through our differences, and celebrating our uniqueness brings vibrancy and energy to our campus.

Violence, racism and hate speech have no place at UCF. The UCF Creed guides the conduct, performance and decisions of all Knights and promotes an “open and supportive campus environment by respecting the rights and contributions of every individual.”

We believe that our world is better and stronger when we respect each other and celebrate — rather than condemn — our differences.

Working toward a more equitable and just society can take many forms, and a good place to start is by better understanding others’ perspectives, which can be done by reading and viewing works by authors of color.

To help with that, UCF Libraries has compiled fiction and nonfiction books, eBooks, children’s books and videos that discuss racial topics and history as well as resources on how to have conversations about race and discrimination. Each work on the list is available for students, faculty and staff to borrow through UCF Libraries.


If you witness or experience incidents of discrimination or violence, report them to the university. If any of these incidents have impacted you, UCF has resources that can help. For more information, visit UCF CaresStudent Care Services or UCF Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) if you are a student, and the Employee Assistance Program if you are an employee.

Students who wish to provide insight to leadership and contribute to creating a more inclusive environment at UCF can apply to become a member of the President’s Student Advisory Council. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion also has a Leadership Council for Equity, Inclusivity and Diversity — which includes students, faculty and staff from across the UCF community — that champions social justice.