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Real Estate Law

Real estate & property law

Florida Jurisprudence 2d

Florida Jurisprudence, Second Edition provides narrative discussion of topics with references to specific cases and statutes in the footnotes. Relevent topics include:

  • Abstracts & Title Insurance
  • Accession, Confusion, & Improvements
  • Adjoining Landowners
  • Building, Zoning & Land Controls
  • Condominiums & Co-Operative Apartments
  • Cotenancy & Partition
  • Deeds
  • Domicil & Residence
  • Easements & Licenses in Real Property
  • etc.

A structural description of the contents is provided on the Legal Research: Florida guide.

See also: examples of relevant section headings

Restatement of the Law

  • Restatement of the Law, 4th, Property - Drafts - "seeks to bring comprehensiveness and coherence to American property law. Subjects to be covered include the classification of entitlements, possession, accession, and acquisition; ownership powers; protection of and limits on ownership; divided and shared ownership; title and transfer; easements, servitudes, and land use; and public rights and takings.
  • Restatement of the Law, Property - Most recent edition (1936) for volumes 1-3. Volumes 4 & 5 have been superseded. "Volumes 1 and 2 (1936) embrace general matters of terminology, the creation and general characteristics of freehold estates, and the large body of material stating the characteristics of future interests. Volume 3 (1940) completes future interests and includes not only the construction of limitations, but also the law applicable to powers of appointment and expectancies."
  • Restatement of the Law, Property 2d Donative Transfers - "The first volume of Restatement Second, Property (Donative Transfers), supersedes Volume IV of the original Restatement, and is concerned with the body of law that in the interest of some overriding social policy limits the nature of the property interests a donor can create or the restraints he or she can effectively impose. It deals with the rule against perpetuities and related limitations on the power to postpone or inhibit alienations; with the validity of various restraints on personal conduct, such as marriage, separation and divorce, religious practice and affiliation, education, occupation, or habitual activity, and with restraints upon a donee's interference with or challenge to the donor's plan of disposition."
  • Restatement of the Law, Property 2d Landlord & Tenant - "The coverage of Restatement of the Law Second, Property (Landlord and Tenant) includes creation of the landlord-tenant relationship, tenant's rights, tenant's remedies, landlord's rights and remedies, transfer by landlord or tenant of interest in leased property, tort liability of landlord, and federal bankruptcy proceedings."
  • Restatement of the Law, Property 3d Mortgages 
  • Restatement of the Law, Property 3d Servitudes - "Volume 5 (1944), which deals with servitudes-easements, licenses, promises respecting the use of land, duration, interpretation, discharge, and defenses and extinguishment by public authority-is also out of print and has been superseded by Restatement of the Law Third, Property (Servitudes)."
  • Restatement of the Law, Property 3d Wills & Other Donative Transfers 

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