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Nexis Uni

UCF students, faculty and staff also have ongoing access beyond July 31, 2023 to the Nexis Uni database which provides almost all of the same content as Westlaw Campus. In particular the coverage of primary law such as federal & state cases, statutes, and regulations should be the same. Likewise the coverage of law reviews and journals is almost identical in Westlaw and Nexis Uni. See the "Content Unique to Westlaw" page for some of the key differences regarding secondary sources, and the "Nexis Uni" page for features available in Nexis Uni.

KeyCite and Shepard's

Westlaw uses the KeyCite citation research service to view the history of a case, statute, administrative decision, or regulation to help determine whether it is good law and to retrieve citing references. Nexis Uni accomplishes the same tasks with Shepard's.

Nexis Uni individual profiles

Each user can set up an individual profile in Nexis Uni to save content and searches in folders for future sessions. The folders can be shared with other users for group projects. The ability for individual users to set up profiles is not currently available in Westlaw Campus.

International statutes & caselaw

International statutes & caselaw -- Westlaw Campus is focused on the U.S. and its territories for statutes and caselaw; the Westlaw Campus International Materials supplemental package is not included in UCF's one-year subscription. Nexis Uni includes legislation and cases from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Business searches

Nexis Uni Business searches -- The coverage of domestic and international companies seems to be equivalent in Westlaw Company Investigator and Nexis Uni Company Dossier. However, both the search form and filtering of search results seem significantly stronger in Nexis Uni. Nexis Uni also includes additional business information such as investment analysts reports.

News searches

Nexis Uni news searches -- The news coverage seems to be equivalent in Westlaw and Nexis Uni for domestic, international and foreign language news. However, both the search form and filtering of search results seem significantly stronger in Nexis Uni. With Westlaw News it seems best to browse sequential levels before beginning the search since post-search filtering is very limited.

Westlaw Campus News Search Example:

  • In the News menu, scroll down to International News and select Europe
  • In the Europe News menu, select a specific country in the Newspapers, Wires or Magazines section, e.g., Newspapers -- Spain
  • In the Spain Newspapers menu, select a specific title or search all of them using the main search box at the top of the screen