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Automated Retrieval Center (ARC) Collections

Material to be moved

The General Collection oversized books have already been moved to the 3rd floor.

100% of the General Collection materials (Call numbers A-F) have been moved into the ARC.

Call # Subjects
A General Works: Encyclopedias. Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories
B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
C History of Civilization. Archaeology. Genealogy. Biography
D World History. History of Europe, Asia, & Africa
E American History
F U.S. Local History. History of Canada & Latin America


Material staying on 1st floor

All of the materials which remain on the 1st floor have been moved from the back half of the floor to the front half of the floor.

  • U.S. Documents
  • Florida Documents
  • Patents & Trademarks
  • Microfiche Collections
  • Maps & Atlases

Map of books to be moved into ARC