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Call Numbers - How to Locate a Book

focuses on locating material in the UCF Main Library by Library of Congress call numbers

Book Locations - John C. Hitt Library

General Collection call numbers starting with letters:

A through M ARC
N through Z 4th floor
  Oversized Collection    
A through Z 1st floor
  Bound Journals - see General Collection above    
  Microfilm & Microfiche   1st floor
  Current Issues - Journals   4th floor
  Current Issues - Popular magazines   2nd floor
  Current Issues - Newspapers   2nd floor
  Florida Documents   1st floor
  Music, CDs, etc.   1st floor
  Patents & Trademarks   1st floor
  Reference (A-J, L-Z)   3rd floor
  Reference (K-KZ)   2nd floor
  Reference - Microfiche   1st floor
  Special Collections   5th floor
  U.S. Documents   1st floor
  U.S. Documents - Microfiche   1st floor
  Videos, Films, etc. - DVDs & Blu-rays   ARC

Library of Congress System

Understanding the Parts of the Call Number

Most books in the UCF Main Library are organized on the shelves by call number -- a combination of letters and numbers using the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System.

Example: Travels of William Bartram (New York: Dover, 1955) - Location: Main Library General Collection - 1st Floor -- F213.B288 1955

Read the call number line by line or section by section, e.g.,


Read the first line or section in alphabetical order:

A, B, BC, BD..., E, F..., H, HA, HB, HC..., T, TA, TC, TD...

Read the second line or section as a number:

1, 2, 3, 55, 87, 100, 101, 213, 850, 1000, 5325...

If the number in the second section includes a decimal, read the second portion as a decimal number:

128, 128.15, 128.18, 128.25, 128.3, 128.33, 128.4...

The third line or section is a combination of a letter and numbers. Read the letter alphabetically, Read the number as a decimal:

.A98, .B2, .B21, .B219, .B28, .B288, .B3, .B3899, .C1...

Some call numbers have more than one letter-number combination section.

The last line is the publication date, read in chronological order:

1791, 1874, 1955, 1990, 1992, 1999, 2000, 2012...