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Call Numbers - How to Locate a Book

focuses on locating material in the UCF Main Library by Library of Congress call numbers

Class H - Social Sciences

Call Number Subject
H Social sciences (General)
HA Statistics
HB Economic theory. Demography
HC Economic history & conditions
HD Industries. Land use. Labor
HE Transportation & communications
HF Commerce
HG Finance
HJ Public finance
HM Sociology (General)
HN Social history & conditions. Social problems. Social reform
HQ The family. Marriage. Women
HS Societies: secret, benevolent, etc.
HT Communities. Classes. Races
HV Social pathology. Social & public welfare. Criminology
HX Socialism. Communism. Anarchism

The General Collection materials from call numbers HJ-PQ will not be moved into the ARC at this time. These books and journals still can be browsed by physically visiting the John C. Hitt Library. As the ARC project progresses over the next few years online guide pages will be developed for these call numbers.

Class J - Political Science

Call Number Subject
J General legislative & executive papers
JA Political science (General)
JC Political theory
JF Political institutions & public administration
JK Political institutions & public administration (United States)
JL Political institutions & public administration (Canada, Latin America, etc.)
JN Political institutions & public administration (Europe)
JQ Political institutions & public administration (Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc.)
JS Local government. Municipal government
JV Colonies & colonization. Emigration & immigration. International migration
JX International law (obsolete) - see JZ and KZ
JZ International relations

Class K - Law

Call Number Subject
K Law in general. Comparative & uniform law. Jurisprudence
KB - KBU Religious law
Comparative religious law. Jurisprudence -- Jewish law -- Islamic law
History of canon law -- Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The Holy See
KD-KDK United Kingdom & Ireland
KDZ America. North America
KE Canada
KF United States
- KFF - Florida
KG Latin America
Costa Rica -- El Salvador -- Guatemala -- Honduras -- Mexico
Central America -- Nicaragua -- Panama -- Caribbean area
Antigua & Barbuda -- Aruba -- British Virgin Islands
British West Indies -- Cuba -- Dominican Republic
Netherlands Antilles -- Haiti -- Jamaica -- Puerto Rico
Trinidad & Tobago
KH South America
Argentina -- Bolivia -- Brazil -- Chile -- Colombia -- Ecuador
Guyana -- Paraguay -- Peru -- Uruguay -- Venezuela
KI Indigenous peoples
KJ Europe
History of law (Europe) -- Roman law -- Regional comparative & uniform law
Regional organization & integration -- Albania -- Austria -- Belgium
Bulgaria -- Cyprus -- Czechoslovakia -- Denmark -- France
KK Europe
Germany -- Greece -- Hungary -- Iceland -- Italy -- Latvia -- Netherlands
Norway -- Poland -- Portugal -- Romania -- Spain -- Sweden -- Turkey
Ukraine -- Yugoslavia -- Serbia & Montenegro
KL - KPW History of law -- Asia
The ancient orient -- Eurasia (Russia, Soviet Union, etc.) -- Asia (General)
Middle East. Southwest Asia -- South Asia. Southeast Asia. East Asia
China. Taiwan. Hong Kong -- India -- Indonesia -- Japan
KQ - KTZ Africa
Law of indigenous peoples -- Regional comparative & uniform law
Algeria -- Cameroon -- Egypt -- Eritrea -- Ghana --Côte d'Ivoire -- Kenya
Lesotho -- Morocco -- Mozambique -- Namibia -- Nigeria -- Rwanda
South Africa -- Sudan -- Tanzania -- Tunisia -- Zimbabwe
KU - KWX Pacific area
Australia -- New Zealand -- Pacific area jurisdictions -- Antarctica
KZ Law of nations
Sources. Fontes juris gentium -- Trials -- International legal community & members
United Nations -- International law of peace & peace enforcement
Enforced settlement of international disputes. Law of armed conflict
International criminal law & procedure -- Law of the sea -- Space law

Class L - Education

Call Number Subject
L Education (General)
LA History of education
LB Theory & practice of education
LC Special aspects of education
LD Individual institutions - United States
LE Individual institutions - America (except U.S.)
LF Individual institutions - Europe
LG Individual institutions - Asia, Africa, Oceania
LH College & school magazines & papers
LJ Student fraternities & societies, U.S.

Class M - Music

Call Number Subject
M Music
ML Literature on music
MT Instruction & study