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Class HD - Industries. Land Use. Labor

Call Number Subject
HD 28 - 70 Management. Industrial management
Communication in management. Communication in organizations
Executives. Executive ability -- Bureaucracy -- Business logistics
Business intelligence. Trade secrets -- Capital. Capital investments
Competition -- Conflict management -- Technological innovations
Automation -- Costs. Industrial costs -- Crisis management. Emergency management
Delegation of authority. Decentralization. Span of control
Division of labor. Specialization -- Intellectual work. Intellectual capital
Industrial productivity -- Leadership -- Location of industry
Matrix organization -- Negotiation. Persuasion
Organizational behavior. Corporate culture
Organizational change. Organizational development. Corporate turnarounds
Organizational learning -- Downsizing -- Reengineering
Organizational effectiveness -- Public relations. Industrial publicity
Social responsibility of business. Social entrepreneurship
Revenue management -- Risk management. Risk in industry
Security measures -- Standardization. Simplification. Waste
Support services -- Total quality management. Benchmarking
Workflow -- Management of special enterprises
Work groups. Teams in the workplace -- Other, A-Z
By region or country
HD 72 - 88 Economic development. Development economics. Economic growth
Public policy (General). Economic policy
HD 101 - 1395 Land use
Public lands -- Real estate. Real property
Land tenure (Land reform. Agrarian reform)
Real estate business
HD 1401 - 2210 Agricultural economics
Size of farms -- Agricultural laborers. Peasantry
Utilization & culture of special classes of lands
Water resource development. Water supply. Irrigation
By region or country
HD 2321 - 4730.9 Industry
Corporations -- Cooperation. Cooperative societies
Industrial policy. The state & industrial organization
HD 4801 - 8943 Labor. Work. Working class
Wages -- Hours of labor -- Labor disputes
Labor market. Labor supply. Labor demand
Temporary employment. Employment agencies
Classes of labor -- Trade unions -- Industrial sociology
Cost & standard of living -- Social insurance. Social security. Pensions
Vocational rehabilitation -- Industrial hygiene. Industrial welfare
Labor policy -- Self-employed. Professions
By industry or trade -- By region or country
HD 9000 - 9999 Special industries & trades
Agricultural industries -- Energy industries. Energy policy. Fuel trade
Mineral industries. Metal trade -- Chemical industries
Pharmaceutical industry -- Precious stones -- Mechanical industries
Construction industry -- Environmental engineering industries. Pollution control
Manufacturing industries -- Service industries -- Recreation equipment. Sporting goods
Medical instruments & apparatus industry. Medical supplies industry
Miscellaneous industries & trades

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