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Class HB - Economic Theory. Demography

Call Number Subject
HB 1 - 846.8 Economic theory
History of economics -- Special schools -- By region or country
Methodology -- Economics of war -- Value. Utility -- Price -- Competition
Production. Theory of the firm. Supply-side economics -- Wealth -- Rent
Capital.Capitalism -- Income. Factor shares (Interest. Profit. Property)
Consumption. Demand -- Welfare theory
HB 848 - 3697 Demography. Population. Vital events
Births -- Marriages -- Deaths -- Age -- Sex
Population geography. Migration -- Professions. Occupations
By region or country
HB 3711 - 3840 Business cycles. Economic fluctuations
History of crises -- Relation to special topics (Finance & cycles)
Long waves. Kondratieff cycles -- Economic forecasting
Economic stabilization -- By region or country