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Special aspects of education

Call Number Subject
LC 8 - 59 Forms of education
Self-education. Self-culture
After-school programs. After-school education
Home schooling -- Nonformal education
Alternative education. Alternative schools
International schools -- Private school education
Public school education
LC 65 - 951 Social aspects of education
Economic aspects of education -- Demographic aspects
Education & the state -- Educational sociology -- Communities & schools
Foundations, endowments, funds -- Moral & religious education
LC 980 - 1203 Types of education -- Inclusive education
General education -- Holistic education -- Humanistic education. Liberal education
Competency-based education -- Basic education. Basic skills education
Community education -- Career education -- Outdoor education
Post-compulsory education -- Vocational education (General)
Cooperative education -- Professional education
LC 1390 - 5160 Education of special classes of persons
Men. Boys -- Women. Girls -- Developing countries -- Ethnicity
Exceptional children & youth. Special education -- Adults with disabilities
Classes of society -- Other special classes
LC 5161 - 6681 Education extension. Adult education. Continuing education
Fundamental education -- Education & travel