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School hygiene. School life

Call Number Subject
LB 3401 - 3499 School hygiene. School health services
Diseases -- Physical measurements
Mental hygiene. Mental health services
Hygiene for mothers & children
Speech disorders. Speech therapy
Feeding & clothing of school children
Hygiene in universities & colleges
LB 3525 - 3575 Special days
LB 3602 - 3640 School life. Student manners & customs
School journalism. Student publications

LB 3401-3499 - School hygiene. School health services (links not yet updated to Primo)

Call Number Subject
LB 3401 Periodicals. Societies
LB 3405 General works
LB 3409.A-Z By region or country, A-Z
- LB 3409.D44 - Developing countries
- LB 3409.G7 - Great Britain
- LB 3409.U5-.U7 - United States
LB 3411-3415 Medical inspection of schools
- LB 3415 - Health of teachers
LB 3416-3418 Diseases
Class here works on the administrative aspects of managing diseases in school
For medical works on the prevention & control of diseases in schools see RA643+
- LB 3418.A-Z - Special diseases, A-Z
- - LB 3418.A35 - - AIDS (Disease)
LB 3421-3425 Physical measurements. Anthropometry
Including growth, height & weight of school children
See also GN51+ Anthropology; HQ771+ Child study; LB1121+ Child study
LB 3430 Mental hygiene. Mental health services
See also RC451.4.S7 Psychopathology of students; RJ499+ Child psychiatry
LB 3430.5 Student assistance programs
LB 3431 Strain & overpressure. Mental capacity
LB 3432-3432.5 Reproductive health concerns
LB 3433-3436 Hygiene for mothers & children
See also HQ799.2.M3 Teenage marriage; RG556.5 Obstetrics
LB 3451 Vision disorders. Sight-saving classes
LB 3454 Speech disorders. Speech therapy
See also RJ496.S7 Pediatrics
LB 3458 Physical therapy
See also RJ53.P5 Pediatrics
LB 3473-3479 Feeding & clothing of school children. Provision of meals & clothing
Including school milk, breakfast & lunch programs
See also RJ206+ Pediatrics
- LB 3473-3475 - General works
- LB 3479.A-Z - By region or country, A-Z
LB 3481-3495 Open-air schools
LB 3497-3499 Hygiene in universities & colleges
Including safety measures & accident prevention
See also RC451.4.S7 College psychiatric programs

LB 3525-3575 - Special days (links not yet updated to Primo)

Call Number Subject
LB 3525-3541 General works, and United States

LB 3602-3640 - School life. Student manners & customs (links not yet updated to Primo)

Class here general works only
Including extracurricular activities; student leadership, relationships, etc.; & student clubs
For individual institutions see LD+
For individual countries see LA1+
For student magazines & papers see LH1+
For fraternities & sororities see LJ1+

Call Number Subject
LB 3602 Associations, conferences, congresses, etc.
See also BV970.A1+ School & college religious societies, movements, etc.
See also LJ1+ Student fraternities & sororities
LB 3604 Dictionaries
LB 3605 General works
LB 3607 General special
Including dormitory life, banquets, club programs, student cooperatives, ephebic oath
LB 3608 Recreation. Use of leisure time
LB 3609 Moral, religious, & physical life of students. Student conduct & behavior
See also HQ35.2 College students & sex
LB 3610 Political activity
LB 3611 Self-support
LB 3613.A-Z Other special, A-Z
- LB 3613.J4 - Jewish students
LB 3614 Interscholastic & international correspondence. "Pen pals"
LB 3618 Class reunions
Including arrangements for publicity, invitations, entertainment, publications, etc.
LB 3620-3621 School journalism. Student publications
Including editing, publishing, etc.
- LB 3621-3621.25 - Specific types of publications
- - LB 3621 - - Student newspapers & periodicals
For individual publications see LD+
- LB 3621.3-3621.67 - By levels in school
- - LB 3621.3 - - Elementary school
- - LB 3621.6-3621.67 - - College
For individual publications see LD+
- - - LB 3621.65 - - - College student newspapers & periodicals
LB 3630 School colors, insignia, etc.
LB 3633 School mascots
LB 3635 Cheers & cheer leading
LB 3640 Student unions. College community centers