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Automated Retrieval Center (ARC) Collections

Material to be moved

100% of the General Collection materials from call numbers PR-PZ and Q-QA76.8 will be moved into the ARC. The move is currently scheduled for November 2018, but may be delayed.

Call # Subjects
PR English Literature
PS American Literature
PT German, Dutch, & Scandinavian Literatures
PZ Miscellaneous
Q Science (General)
QA 1-43 Mathematics (General)
QA 47-59 Mathematics Tables
QA 63 Mathematics: Problem Solving
QA 71-73 Mathematical Instruments
QA 74-76.8 Electronic Computers. Computer Software

Material staying on 4th floor

The General Collection materials from call numbers N-PQ and QA76.9-Z will remain on the 4th floor.

Map of books to be moved into ARC