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Statistics/Data Mining

Key Journals

The following journals are devoted exclusively or in part to statistics and actuarial science. Please note that many other journals not listed here may contain articles about these subjects as well. In this case, please consult a periodical database or index.

Current print issues of periodicals to which the Library subscribes are arranged by title on the third floor; print back issues are shelved in the general collection by call number, while microform back issues are arranged by call number on the third floor.


Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Online version (1997+)
General Collection QA 276 .T6 (1972+)
Microfilm QA 276 .T6 (1949-72)
AISM provides an international forum for open communication among statisticians and researchers working with the common purpose of advancing human knowledge through the development of science and the technology of statistics.
Formerly known as the Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, Series B. Publishes papers on pure mathematics and statistics.


General Collection QA 276 .A1 C58 (1988+)
Aimed at persons using statistical methods and approaches in market research, demographics, social sciences, and medicine.

Computational Statistics & Data Analysis

Online version (1983+)
General Collection QA 276 .A1 C665 (1983+)
Provides information for statisticians, software managers and consultants in computer centers, and researchers in the social, engineering, natural, physical and medical sciences. Topics covered include pattern recognition, algorithms, graphical presentations and computer-assisted analyzers.

Journal of Applied Statistics

Online version (1995+)
General Collection QA 276 .A1 J57 (1989+)
A forum for communication between both applied statisticians and users of applied statistical techniques across a wide range of disciplines. These areas include business, computing, economics, ecology, education, management, medicine, operational research and sociology, but papers from other areas are also considered.
Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society

Online version (1959+)
General Collection QA1 .A9 (1970-74)
QA1 .A93 (1975-80) Series A Pure Mathematics
QA1 .A93 (1981-2005) Series A Pure Mathematics and Statistics Check
QA1 .A94 (1975-2000) Series B Applied Mathematics

Publishes papers on pure mathematics and statistics. (Series B Applied Mathematics journals are available online under the name Australian & New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics Journal).
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
Online version (1977+)
General Collection QA 276 .A1 J59 (1977+)
Information on statistics, with special emphasis on statistical planning and the related areas of combinatorial mathematics and probability theory.
Online version (1958+)
General Collection QA 276 .A1 M4 (1970+)
Covers statistical methods and mathematical statistics. Includes statistical quality control, sampling control, sampling theory, and design of experiments.
Statistics and Computing
Online version (1991+)
General Collection QA 276.4 .S73 (1993+)
Addresses the use of statistical concepts in computer science and the use of data analysis. Contains original research reports, authoritative review papers, discussion papers, and occasional special issues on particular topics or carrying proceedings of relevant conferences.
General Collection QA 276 .A1 S747 (2000-2009)
Advances both the academic understanding and the professional practice of effective financial management, control, and accountability.
Online version (1959+)
General Collection QA 276 .T4 (1959+)
Statistical methods for the physical, chemical, and engineering sciences are the focus of this quarterly journal. Articles describe new techniques and applications for research, development, design, and performance improvement.