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LibGuides Tips & Tricks for Librarians: 209, 541, 209 - Slightly Wider Center

This guide is intended for the authors of libguides, not the general users of the content.

Narrow Left Column

See 300, 667, 0

The list below replicates the example provided on the 300, 667, 0 page. Note how each of the longer items wraps to the next line. Setting the left column to a slightly less narrow width will allow slightly longer entries in a list without as much wrapping.


  • Short item
  • Longer item #1 in the list doesn't wrap
  • Longer item #2 in the list doesn't wrap
  • Much longer items will still wrap to the next line, but that looks OK if it is just an occasional item in the list
  • Longer item #3 in the list doesn't wrap

Slightly Wider Center Column

Narrow Right Column

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