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LibGuides Tips & Tricks for Librarians: Tags

This guide is intended for the authors of libguides, not the general users of the content.

Don't Tag With...

Don't tag a guide with any of the words used as major subject categories in the UCF LibGuides structure. The relative font size of a term in the tag cloud indicates its frequency of use, but using the subject categories as tags pushes all the other terms to the smallest size. So don't tag with:

  • arts (but "art" is okay for the specific discipline)
  • business
  • citation
  • education
  • engineering (but "civil_engineering" is okay)
  • florida
  • government
  • health
  • humanities
  • international
  • medicine
  • multicultural
  • nursing
  • public_affairs
  • sciences
  • social_sciences

Tags cannot be added until after a page is published

After a page is published, the option to "Edit Tags" will be available from the "Guide Settings" drop-down list in the Command Bar.

Adding or editing tags

Instructions from the Edit Tags box:

Tagging your Guide with a few (3 or 4) keywords (tags) will help users find it in the system. Type your tags below or click any existing tag to "reuse" it on this guide. For multi-word tags, use underscores to connect the words; to remove tags, clear the form and click the 'Process Tags' button.