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LibGuides Tips & Tricks for Librarians: 3 - Copy an existing box

This guide is intended for the authors of libguides, not the general users of the content.

Copy an existing box

See also Creating Boxes

Recycle, recycle, recycle.

When you select "Add New Box" on a page, you have options to:

  • Create a new box
  • Link to another box in the system
  • Copy another box from the system

Linking to an existing box means that the content of the box only needs to be updated in one location and will be automatically updated in all of the linked locations.

Even within a single guide you might choose to reuse a box over and over on different pages. For example, consider putting a directory box in the left column linking to related content, and use the same box on each of the related pages. If you create a page directory linking to boxes within a page, consider including more than just the #box id in the link (e.g., "/content.php?pid=00000&sid=00000#00000") so that you can reuse the box on another page to link back to the specific sections of the original page.

Some of the boxes you might want to borrow from the following guides (no internal permission or notification needed):

  • **The Repository** -- lots of content specifically intended for reuse on the distance learning guides, e.g.
    • Activating your UCF Library Card Number
    • APA Format
    • specific database boxes with detailed guidelines for searching; these boxes are different than just reusing a link to a database
    • Finding Tests and Measures
    • Remote Access Methods
    • Finding Full Text Articles
    • Interlibrary Loan
    • UCF Library Catalog
    • Obtaining a UCF Library Card Number
    • Peer Reviewed Journals
    • Plagiarism and Paraphrasing
    • Search Process
    • Search Strategies
    • Terminology
  • Template
    • delicious
    • hours
    • RSS
    • catalog
    • Quick Links
    • About the Library
    • poll
    • feedback
  • Databases - Most of the lists from the Articles & Databases page have been replicated here as boxes. If you are creating the principal subject guide for an area, consider copying the box onto your guide instead of linking to the box on the Databases guide and we'll change the box on the Databases guide to link to the box you're maintaining.
  • General Resources -- boxes specifically intended for reuse on other guides
    • General Resources - a list of common links
    • Remote Log-in
    • Interlibrary Loan
    • Grammar & Writing
    • Resources for Graduate Studies
    • Guides for Writing Application Essays
    • Streaming Videos - for finding books by title or subject, getting journal articles, using "Get Full Text", etc.
  • Images & Sounds
    • General Guidance Regarding Copyright
  • Reference Books: Online Versions & Excerpts -- if you have a books/encyclopedias section on your guide, you can link to the specific call number box(es) relevant for your topics. Note that after you select the linked box you can change the text that will display in the title of the box on your page without affecting the linked content.