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Information on understanding what a trademark is and what a copyright covers.

Patent and Trademark Resouces Center

The John C. Hitt LIbrary at the Univeristy of Central Florida is a Patent and Trademark Resource Center

USPTO Home Page

If you need to search the USPTO for resources, please CLICK HERE


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Thank you for visiting the Trademark Research Guide.

Each tab will provide you with specific information related to either trademarks or other intellectual property.

If you need basic assistance, consider contacting Ask a Librarian, via chat, phone, or IM.

If you would like to set up a  research consultation with the UCF Library's trademarks specialist, see the information on the Additional Assistance page.

If you are a community member or UCF student and would like to chat with Missy Murphey, Patent and Trademark Librarian, prior to making an appointment to discuss your idea, call (407-823-5308) OR email (  Please contact Missy before visiting the UCF Library for trademark assistance.

Hal Mendelsohn

Trademark Logos

Official Trademark Symbol (can only be used if you have a registered federal trademark):


Non-registered Trademark Symbol (claim of "common-law" mark):


The servicemark symbol (identifies a service rather than a product) 



Trademark librarian

Missy Murphey - UCF
John C. Hitt Library
Library room 203C
Orlando, FL 32816-2666
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