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Information on understanding what a trademark is and what a copyright covers.

Assistance available from the Orlando PTRC

UCF is a Patent & Trademark Resource Center (PTRC), part of "a nationwide network of public, state and academic libraries that are designated to disseminate patent and trademark information and to support the diverse intellectual property needs of the public."

Accessing patent and trademark information at a PTRC with the help of a trained specialist, you may be able to determine if someone else has already patented your invention or obtained a federal registration for a trademark on goods or services. PTRCs also have access to PubEAST, an examiner-based search system.

The librarian may also help you with specific questions regarding the patent and trademark processes, but they will not provide legal advice or determine patentability. This policy is not only for the protection of our users, but also providing such advice violates the rules and laws governing the practice of law.

The trained specialists at UCF can show you how to locate materials and forms online (there are no print application forms available at the PTRC) and get you started in searching the patent and trademark databases.

However, a PTRC librarian:

  • cannot help you complete the application forms
  • cannot comment on the quality or feasibility of the invention or the uniqueness of a name used in a trademark application

Before setting up an appointment:

  • Look at the Getting Started section of this guide to prepare yourself for the appointment
  • Make a list of the questions you have about patents and/or trademarks and research
  • Include a summary of your list of questions in your appointment request

Finding Patent and Trademark practitioners

We recommend that an attorney be consulted when an interpretation of the law is needed.  See Patent and trademark practitioners on the USPTO website for more information, including why trademark applicants in particular are encouraged to hire an attorney.  See also the new trademark rule requiring foreign-domiciled applicants and registrants to have a U.S.-licensed attorney.

Assistance at UCF