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  • Library Research & Literature Review Strategies
  • Socioeconomic, Demographic & Census Data
  • Citation Management Tools
  • Where to Publish & Author Rights
  •  Presentation Skills
  •  Optimizing Your Online Presence
  •  Introduction to Patents & Trademarks

SJR Map Generator (SCImago)

SCImago Journal and Country Rank  is a free online portal that uses citation data from Scopus (Elsevier), a scholarly research database (1996 --). It provides rankings by journal country of origin and includes numerous visual representations of journal impact data. Ranking is based on the well-known Google PageRank algorithm. The subject field, quality, and reputation of the journal has a direct effect on the value of a citation -- note it does not include journal impact factors.

Eigenfactor Map of the Sciences and Social Sciences, 2004

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