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Lodging Industry Research Guide

Print Articles

Many hospitality journals available in Rosen contain articles related to the Lodging Industry. General hospitality/tourism periodicals may also have relevant material on the industry. 

Here are just a few examples of journals found in print in the Rosen Library that often contain lodging-related articles:


American Spa


Developments: The Voice of the Vacation Ownership Industry

Lodging Hospitality

FIU Hospitality Review*

  Resort Trades

Florida Restaurant and Lodging

Resort Trades Management & Operations

Hotel & Motel Management

Spa Management

Hotel Business

Vacation Industry Review

*Scholarly (peer-reviewed) source

Using Databases to Find Articles

UCF Libraries offers hundreds of unique databases, some of which are not available through QuickSearch. If you are not finding the articles you need through QuickSearch, we suggest trying a few of our databases that contain articles related to the lodging industry:

Online Articles

To search for a journal online, you can browse alphabetically or type in the name of the journal in our online journals search. The following are just a few journals containing information on the Lodging Industry that are available to be viewed online: