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Graduate & Postdoc Workshops @ UCF Libraries

UCF Libraries Workshops


Each semester the UCF Libraries offer workshops for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers presented in collaboration with the College of Graduate Studies. *As indicated below, some library sessions are part of the "Knights Graduate Medallion Program."  For questions or library workshop requests, please contact Corinne Bishop, Social Sciences & Graduate Engagement Librarian.

Knights Graduate Medallion Sessions


* Finding & Using Academic Sources -- "Getting Started Medallion Session"

This session highlights time-saving steps to locate academic sources for upcoming course assignments and literature reviews. Learn how to locate peer-reviewed articles and related sources for topics, identify relevant subject-databases and background information, develop a plan for reviewing sources, and tips to maximize Google Scholar.

Monday, 9/12 @ 2-3 pm
TCH 208

Tuesday, 9/13 @ 5-6 pm
TCH 208


* Citing and Managing Sources -- "Getting Started Medallion Session"

This session covers citing basics for academic writing and includes guidelines for using direct quotes and paraphrased text, formatting in-text citations and references, style guide resources (APA & MLA), and ideas for notetaking and managing sources. 

Wednesday, 9/14 @ 2-3 pm
TCH 208

Thursday, 9/15 @ 5-6 pm
TCH 208


* Optimizing Your Online Presence  -- "Communicating Your Research & Scholarship  Medallion Session"

This session covers evaluating your publishing impacts and managing your online researcher profile. Learn about methods and tools to obtain citation counts and impact data, metrics to assist in identifying key journals and notable researchers, and why it’s important to develop an online profile using sites, such as ORCID, Research Gate,, PIVOT, Plum Analytics, and Google Scholar.

Wednesday, 9/28 @ 2-3 pm
TCH 208

Thursday, 10/20 @ 5-6 pm
TCH 208


* Apps to Help Organize Your Graduate & Professional Planning -- "Career Readiness Medallion Session"

Need help staying on task, managing projects, organizing group presentations, or trying to save more time and money? There’s an app for that! Join us as we uncover the secret to how mobile apps can help you organize your graduate and professional tasks. Be sure to bring your mobile device so you can be ready to test drive apps during the presentation. 

Wednesday, 9/21 @ 2-3 pm
TCH 208

Thursday, 10/27 @ 5-6 pm
TCH 208

Citation Management Sessions


EndNote Citation Management

Citation management tools allow you to dedicate more time to research. Join us to learn how to export citations from library databases, organize citations, generate bibliographies, and format citations in a Word document. EndNote can help make managing your references and formatting citations easy. 

Thursday, 9/8 @ 12-1 pm
TCH 208
Wednesday, 9/28 @ 12-1 pm
TCH 208
Monday, 9/12 @ 5-6 pm
Friday, 10/7 12-1 pm
Wednesday, 10/19 12-1 pm


Zotero Citation Management

Zotero is a free citation tool. Features allow you to organize sources for projects, import citations from databases, save PDFs, select citation formatting styles, add in-text citations and bibliographies in Word, and create groups for resource sharing. 

Tuesday, 9/20 @ 12-1 pm  
TCH 208

Tuesday, 9/27 @ 1-2 pm
TCH 208
Wednesday, 10/12 @ 3-4 pm
TCH 208

Data Session

Data Documentation, Analysis & Statistical Software 

Join a statistician and metadata librarian for an introduction to best practices and suggestions for data documentation and analyzing research data. Learn about research data, data sharing, re-use, and long-term preservation. This session also includes real-world examples and a discussion of data tools, such as NVivo, SPSS/SAS/STATA/R.

Monday, 9/19 @ 1:00-2:30pm
Zoom Session

Please email to request Zoom link.