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Graduate & Postdoc Workshops @ UCF Libraries

Graduate Workshop Sessions

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Each semester the UCF Libraries offer a series of workshops for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers presented in collaboration with the College of Graduate Studies/Graduate Student Life. For questions about our current sessions or to request a workshop, please contact Corinne Bishop, Social Sciences & Graduate Engagement Librarian.

Finding & Using Academic Sources

This session highlights time-saving strategies to locate sources for upcoming course assignments and literature review projects. Learn how to locate peer-reviewed journal articles, search academic databases, identify topic-related sources, and tips for maximizing Google Scholar.

Sessions Dates

Friday, 6/7/24 -- Noon-1pm

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Friday, 7/12/24 -- Noon-1pm

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Optimizing Your Online Presence

This session covers evaluating your publishing impacts and managing your online researcher profile. Learn about methods and tools to obtain citation counts and impact data, metrics to assist in identifying key journals and notable researchers, and why it’s important to develop an online profile using sites, such as ORCID, Research Gate,, PIVOT, Plum Analytics, and Google Scholar.

Zoom Session Dates

Friday, 6/14/24 -- Noon-1pm

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Wednesday, 7/17/24 -- Noon-1pm

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EndNote & Zotero Citation Management Tools

Citation management tools allow you to save, organize, and annotate (PDF) resources. They also include options to insert citations and references within Word documents as you write. Commonly used tools include: EndNote and Zotero, and UCF librarians provide training for these tools.

If you would like to schedule a workshop for your course or group, please contact Corinne Bishop, UCF Graduate Engagement Librarian