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How to Set Up a Pivot Account

Pivot, formerly known as Community of Science, is a directory of grants and funding for research, scholarship, and related activities. With Pivot, you can create a customized profile based on funding opportunities related to your specific research interests. To set up a Pivot  account:

Setting Up an Account

1. Go to 

2. Click “Sign up” in the upper left corner to create an account

3. Fill out the new account form.

  • For Email, use your UCF email address. Your UCF email will also be your log in ID.
  • Affiliated member institution should default to University of Central Florida. If it doesn’t, click the dropdown box and select University of Central Florida.

4. You will be sent a confirmation email. Click on the link to complete the account setup process.

Claiming a Profile

Claiming a profile allows you to see funding recommendations based on your research expertise from the Pivot Advisor on your home page. To claim a profile:

1) Sign in to Pivot and click the “claim your profile” link in the upper corner

2) You should see your name listed*.  Click the “Claim” button on the right. You will be taken to a new tab.

 3) It takes Pivot approximately a week for your profile to be claimed.  You can still use Pivot during this time to search for funding opportunities. You will receive an email confirmation notifying you when the claiming process is complete.

* If your name does not show up in the results, click “Suggest a Scholar” on the left.


Searching in Pivot

Search Tips:

  • Use the Advanced Search (you may have to perform a basic search and then click on the Advanced Search link on the results page).
  • Select a matching option to narrow or broaden your search criteria. “Match all of the Fields” will only retrieve records that include all of your specified search criteria (similar to using the “AND” Boolean connector). “Match Any of the Fields” will retrieve records that include any of your specified search criteria (similar to using the “OR” Boolean connector). Direct use of the AND, OR & NOT Boolean connectors are also supported.
  • List synonyms horizontally connected by OR (i.e. - heart or cardiac)
  • Use the search box dropdown menus to search within specific fields of each record (i.e. - All fields, Abstract, Title, Sponsor, or Sponsor ID)
  • You can limit  or specify your results criteria by clicking on the triangles next to each of the following headings:
    • Amount
    • Deadlines
    • Limited Submission/ Internal Coordination
    • Activity Location
    • Citizenship
    • Funding Type
    • Keywords
    • Requirements
    • Sponsor Type
  • To exclude fields from your search, use the "Exclude Opportunities matching" feature at the bottom of the page.

Managing your Search Results:

  • Use the faceted search options on the left hand side of the results page to narrow down your results by category, such as Submission Type, Top Sponsor Types, Top Funding Types, Top Requirements, and Top Keywords. Click on "Refine Your Query" to go back to the Advanced Search Screen and revise your terms.

How to Save Your Search:

  • From your Results page, click on "Save Search" and type a name for your search. Your saved searches are accessible from the left hand panel of the Pivot home screen.

How to Track Opportunities:

  • Method 1 - To track an individual opportunity, click on a title int he results list to open up the opportunity record. Then click on "Track" on the upper right hand side.
  • Method 2 - To select and track multiple opportunities simultaneously, check the boxes next to each opportunity in the results screen and click the "Track" button at the top of the list. Tracked Opps are accessible from the left hand panel of the Pivot home screen.