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Database Explaining Research Methodologies

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Publisher description:

SAGE Research Methods contains selected full text of book, journal and reference content relevant to the exploration of research methods and concepts designed to help researchers, faculty and students with their research projects. SAGE Research Methods links over 175,000 pages of SAGE’s book, journal and reference content with advanced search and discovery tools. Researchers can explore methods concepts to help them design research projects, understand particular methods or identify a new method, conduct their research, and write up findings.

SAGE Research Methods contains content from over 720 books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks, the entire “Little Green Book,” and "Little Blue Book” series, two Major Works collating a selection of journal articles, and research-related videos. Also included are the Methods Map and the Methods Lists. The Methods Map is a visual search tool supported by a unique, complex taxonomy of research methods terms, methodologies, and people in the field.The Methods Lists are lists of content within the product that users have selected and decided to share. You can create your own lists, either for private use, or to share with others on the site.

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