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APA Style Guide


What about the database name?

  • You don't need to include any information about the database where you retrieved the article, unless instructed to by your professor.

I'm confused, how can I get help?


 Article Citations

Some of the most common cited article formats are listed below. For more detailed examples consult the APA Manual, 7th edition.

General article format:

Author, A. A., Author B. B., & Author C. C. (1967). Article Title. Journal Title, xx, pp-pp.

Important notes:

  • Include the digital object identifier (DOI) if one is included. If a DOI is included, no other retrieval information is needed. (Journal articles have DOIs; magazines and newspapers do not).
  • If no DOI is assigned, and you retrieved the journal article online, include the homepage URL for the journal, newsletter, or magazine in the reference. Use this format: http://www.xxxxxxxx (No retrieval date is needed).
  • APA states that it is unnecessary to include database information or home page URL of the journal/magazine as part of the citation. However, some professors may prefer that you always include the database information and some may have other guidelines for you to follow. The best policy is to talk to your professor and ask about the citation requirements you should follow.

Journal article with a DOI:

Calcagno, J., Crosta, P., Bailey, T., & Jenkins, D. (2007). Stepping stones to a degree: The impact of enrollment pathways and milestones on community college student outcomes. Research in Higher Education, 48, 775-801. https://10.1007/s11162-007-9053-8

Journal article without a DOI and retrieved online:

Reif, A., & Gaulin, L. (2010). Best practices for a reduction in force: A basic checklist. Employee Relations Journal, 35(5), 38-41.

Magazine article (print):

Lowry, R. (2007, December). Cut from the same cloth. National Review, 59(22), 34-36.

Magazine article (online):

Lowry, R. (2007, December). Cut from the same cloth. National Review, 59(22),

Newspaper article (print):

Pesquera, A. (2007, December 6). Small businesses learn, network at conference. San Antonio Express-News, p. 2E. 

Newspaper article (online):

Dillon, S. (2008, February 27). Survey finds teenagers ignorant on basic history and literature questions. The New York Times.