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Entrepreneurs and Small Business Development: County Business Patterns

Census - County Business Patterns

County Business Patterns - "an annual series that provides subnational economic data by industry. The series is useful for studying the economic activity of small areas; analyzing economic changes over time; and as a benchmark for statistical series, surveys, and databases between economic censuses. Businesses use the data for analyzing market potential, measuring the effectiveness of sales and advertising programs, setting sales quotas, and developing budgets. Government agencies use the data for administration and planning."

  • Online version (1998+, includes ZIP Code & Metro Business Patterns)
  • Online version (1993-1997, formerly available on Censtats)
  • Online version (1986+ datasets)
  • Online version (1977-1997)
  • Online version (1967-2007)
  • U.S. Documents CD-ROM - C 3.204/4: (1986-2003)
  • U.S. Documents C 3.204/3- (1984-1997, all individual states)
  • U.S. Documents C 3.204/3-1: (1973, 1976-1977, 1979-1997, U.S. Summary)
  • U.S. Documents C 3.204: (1964-1970, U.S. Summary)
  • U.S. Documents C 3.204: (1966-1982, Florida)
  • ASI Microfiche 2326 (1972-2004, U.S. Summary & all individual states)