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TSL 3251, (Applied Linguistics for ESL); TSL 3346 (English as an International Language); TSL 4240 (Issues in Second Language Acquisition) and TSL 4251 (Sociolinguistics for ESL),

APA Publication Manual, 7th Edition

APA 7th edition is the newest version of APA, released in October 2019. APA provides a structured way to format your papers, include in-text citations and references, and avoid plagiarism.  Here is more from a UCF Libraries Research Guide on APA 7th edition.  In addition, the "How to..." Videos tab at the bottom of this Research Guide has several helpful short videos on citation.

Be certain of which version of APA your professors requires. If your professor requires the 6th edition, the Purdue OWL (link in the box below) provides information on this older edition until 2021.  Here are some examples: 

Journal article with DOI assigned

Hu, J. (2007). Health-related quality of life in low-income older African Americans. Journal of Community Health 

    Nursing24(4), 253-265.


Journal article without DOI from a database requiring sign-in (e.g., one of the UCF Libraries' databases) or a print copy

Whalen, F. L., & France, R. (1996). A lab's outreach for healthier school kids. Medical Laboratory Observer28(1), 59-61.


Here are some links to more examples of how to properly cite specific references from the online APA Style Guide:

Additional Resources

Check with your professor for any individual preferences in citation styles, particularly journal articles from a database.

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